Download Best Games for Linux: Penguspy

“I am a player in a state of denial. I refuse to use Windows! I love the stability, speed and ease of use of my PC Linux and I also love the games! “

It ‘s so that the developer / designer of the wonderful search engine for games Linux, Penguspy, began his speech in the “About“in the portal.

When you think Linux certainly does not think OS platform ideal for the game, the real one! But thanks to Penguspy find quality games of any kind will not be updated anymore!

The objective of this project is to act as a showcase of the best games for Linux (not all games, only the good ones and graphically good!).

PenguSpy offers a constantly updated collection of both games and trade free for Linux – platform RTS with a strategic component, board games, racing sims.

For each there is a detail page which may include a plot, video presentation, links to official web site and evaluation data from users.

Beautiful and well done too Penguspy portal interface, built in HTML 5 and CSS 3, very fast and attractive – you can apply filters to search depending on free or commercial games.

If you are running a Linux operating system like Ubuntu and was looking for some downloads of quality games, put immediately into Tracks portal PenguSpy.

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