Use Instant Search with Firefox

During recent weeks the introduction of Instant Search Google has launched a series of similar sites, such as instant search Youtube and search for instant Twitter. If you want to replicate this function on your Firefox browser, Fast Search Results Browser allows you to replicate directly in the address bar.

CyberSearch, search instantly with Firefox

CyberSearch adds functionality to research advanced in the address bar of Firefox 3, with the results of research that appear directly as you type. The search engines supported are Google, including all search services like Google Blog Search, Google News, etc., and Bing. So now you can use Google instant use your browser directly.

To perform a search simply use one of the keywords you want to find and start typing your search term in the address bar, preceded by the following codes:

gweb (Google Web)
gblog (Google Blog)
gbook (Google books)
gimage (Google Images)
Stroke (Google Local)
gnews (Google News)
gpatent (Google patent)
Gvido (Google Video)
bweb (Bing)

You can download this extension from this link: Tell us what you think.

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